Life and Death in the Woods – Boo Boo Deer

(Upsetting but please read until the end.) The best thing about having the food plot is watching and learning about the wildlife, especially the deer. The worst thing about having the food plot is watching and learning about the wildlife, especially the dying deer. Life and death in the woods can be sad to watch. We don’t – can’t – interfere. Putting food out for a deer that’s clearly starving to death in spring would further compromise an already doomed deer. A doe I called Boo Boo because of her torn ear showed up in April of this year. In late April she was still losing weight while the other deer were maintaining. In early May she was a walking skeleton and I stopped saving her pictures.  She stopped coming to the food plot. It’s sad when they die but I was relieved for her. What a terrible way to die but such is life for a lot of deer in Maine. We’d like to think of these beautiful creatures simply dying in their sleep. No injury, attack or pain, no starvation.

boo boo deer, april 27, life and death

life and death, deer

I didn’t forget about Boo, actually thought of her a few times over the summer. We got busy with hunting seasons and we got excited about the twins we watched almost daily.

Fast forward

I was flipping through pictures over the weekend, looking for antlers and sets of twins (sets, multiple!). Wait! What? The ear. Look at this ear. Scroll up and look at that ear. Look at this ear. LOOK! Could it be? It must be. It can’t be. She wobbled the last time I set eyes on her.

boo boo deer,

I can’t be! But it is. Boo wobbled off, gained weight and…

starving whitetail

Four days after discovering these pics and I’m still a little teary. Boo wobbled off, survived, and in June gave birth to a doe fawn. They look great! Tenacity. Strength. Miracle. Seriously. Look at her. Look at them. Boo and fawn seem to have passed through on their way to the winter feeding grounds out toward Grand Lake Stream. I’m up to date on game cam pics. There are six cameras out there and they haven’t walked in front of any of them. I hope they have an easy winter. We didn’t get snow until December 10. The deer are easily pawing through it to get to the grass, bits of left over clover, and leaves. So far so good. See you in the spring, Boo? I hope so.

November 2018. Boo Boo passed through one night. If there was another deer with her it wasn’t caught on camera.