Moose Meatloaf Recipe

Some of my favorite meals are based around wild game. Supper is hours away and my stomach is already growling. I mixed up moose meatloaf this afternoon to let it set for a few hours before I pop it into the oven. You can read about the day this moose became an ingredient in my moose meatloaf recipe.


Here’s the recipe. Adjust it as you see fit. Most ingredients are in “to taste” amounts.

1 pound ground moose (works well with deer, pork, turkey and beef)
1 egg
1/3 cup chopped onion
1 small chopped bell pepper
1 tablespoon minced garlic
salt & pepper
1 tablespoon burger seasoning
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, divided

Combine the moose meat with all ingredients except cheese, then sprinkle the cheese on top before baking. It’s just as good with the cheese mixed in but I like the appearance of it browned on top of the loaf. For seasoning this time I used Gourmet Burger by Weber. I sometimes use Italian seasoning. I mix with my well-washed hands.

I used two eggs because they’re small, laid by my Silkie chickens. The garlic was grown in my garden and the moose was hunted a few miles from here. The salt came from Maine Sea Salt. The onion, pepper and seasoning were store bought.

I don’t add bread crumbs or other dry fillers to this moose meatloaf recipe because wild game is lean.

One pound of ground meat filled two small cast iron pans. I baked the meat loaves in cast iron pans that hold one-half pound of meat each at 400* for 15-18 minutes. Moose meat is lean so be careful to not dry it out by over cooking. A bread pan sized meatloaf will need to cook for about 45 minutes, then allow it to rest for 10 minutes to finish cooking.

My favorite way to use leftovers is a sandwich. Slice the meatloaf while it’s cold, warm it up on an oiled or buttered cast iron pan, add a slice of good cheese and make a sandwich.

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