Oh Spring

Oh spring! It’s about time! We’ve been waiting! And now we’re making the best of it. It snowed a bit overnight, enough to cover the ground, and it was cold enough for the open water on the pond to freeze, but the sun is out and the new snow is gone. The old granular snow is almost gone. Springs are bubbling out back, the last of the spring birds have arrived, and Johnny Jump Ups are blooming. They were blooming when they froze five months ago. They’re a little tattered but they’re beautiful after a long winter nap.

The ducks have enjoyed swimming in the garden thanks to melting snow and a little rain. I used to fret about it but it’s no longer useful garden space. They flap and splash, and sometimes duck and try to dive, and their fluffy butts in the air as they look for food at the bottom of a barely-deep enough pool make me smile.

oh spring, khaki campbell, drake
woodcock, snow, oh spring

Oh spring! You brought me woodcock! Ok…they’re not for me but I am partial to these quirky little birds. This woodcock flew in and landed at the edge of the woods while I was pruning apple trees last week. Zoey thought he was great fun to point at.


Phoebes have returned. I have to listen closely to their song to be sure it’s not a chickadee that I hear. We’re sleeping with the window open again and I wake in the morning to robins singing in the tree tops. Johnny Jump Ups that were blooming when they froze five months ago are still blooming now.

johnny jump up, viola, oh spring
oh spring, chives in snow, 2017
garlic, straw, spring, oh springFinally. It’s here. We’ve been fly fishing but backwoods riding for the time being is out because of the mud. We can’t find turkeys in places we can hunt to save our souls and the season opens in two weeks. I’m not all that excited about the season. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll care more. For now, I’m happy the sun is out, this morning’s snow is gone, and oh…the deer have come back to the food plot!