We’ve been watching osprey on a crane since they returned this past spring. The pair chose the P&H Crane at Woodland Pulp, LLC as their new home and set about the work of building a nest. One weekend we watched an osprey swoop down to pick up a four foot branch from the road in a wood yard at the mill. It grabbed the branch and flew away as though it were a toothpick. Impressive.

The osprey add to the nest a little at a time, and I wondered if it were large enough to raise young in this year. It is, and they did. We watched the chick, now nearly full grown, perched on a post high up on the crane. One parent tore apart a fish and had its lunch while the other chirped non-stop. Soon after the parents took flight, circled the nest and chirped to the soon-to-be fledgling. We went about our business so we missed its first flight but I’m sure by now the fledgling is flying and learning about life as an osprey outside the nest.

osprey nest
Fledgling ospry on the post, parent on the nest.
osprey on a crane, osprey in flight, osprey, baileyville, Maine, Woodland Pulp
Parents circled the fledgling and chirped, undoubtedly urging their offspring to fly.

fledgling osprey