Planted Today

I planted today! A lot. I got a lot done. There’s a little more I’d like to have planted today but it rained, and I was getting cold dressed in just a t-shirt with my jeans.  It was cool and cloudy when I started working in the high tunnel, then the sun came out and warmed the tunnel to well over 80°, five degrees above my melting point. I moved outside to the regular garden. The sunshine was brief, followed by sprinkles of rain, followed by a breeze, followed by rain, followed by hot and sweaty me getting wet and chilly. Water dripped down my bangs, into my eyes and down my nose. Gross. That’s enough.

There’s plenty of time for things like the winter storage carrots next week. I still have the next and last succession planting of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage (red, storage) and Brussels sprouts to seed. The pole beans will be planted next week. So much to plant still.

I’m listening to the pouring rain fall steadily. It’s raining so hard there’s a small stream running down the side of the road. We need this rain for the garden and pond, and for the lakes, ponds and streams that are lower now than they usually are on July 4. The cedar in the wood stove crackles and snaps as the fire catches. Just a small fire, enough to take the damp chill out of the house and make it cozy while I sip my wine and listen to Jason Isbell. Supper? hmm… Undecided still. I should have cut Swiss chard and spinach but since I didn’t, and since I’m not going back out until after supper, that’s not what we’ll be eating.

Here’s my list of what I planted today. * indicates varieties that are new to me.

  • Purple Top White Globe turnip
  • Cherry Belle radish
  • Early Wonder Tall Top beets

The turnip, radish and beets were scattered together over a bed.

In the high tunnel:

  • Top Hat OP Yellow corn*
  • Costata Romanesca OP zucchini
  • Jackpot zucchini

Back outside:

  • Harris Model parsnip
  • Sweet Annie

Musque de Provence, planted today

Wyatt's Wonder, Renee's Garden, planted todayPumpkins:

  • Wyatt’s Wonder
  • Cheese
  • Route Vif D’Etampes
  • Lumina White
  • Winter Luxury Pie*
  • Musque De Provence
  • Baby Pam
  • Long Pie*
  • Champion
  • Spookie (courtesy of Renee’s Garden)

Some of the pumpkins will be eaten by us and others by the deer, and some are for decoration. The decorative pumpkins will be fed to the chickens and ducks or the deer next winter.

Winter Squash

  • Seminole*
  • Burpee’s Butterbush Butternut*
  • Waltham Butternut
  • Marina Di Chioggia
  • Galeux d’Eysines
  • Jarrahdale
  • Sweet Dumpling
  • Blue Hubbard.

If we have a wet summer I’ll cover the root ends of the blue Hubbard plants with a low tunnel to keep them from taking up too much water. Blue Hubbard tends to be wet, and we prefer dry squash. We grow dry squash but we like the flavor of Blue Hubbard, especially when dry.

The rain has turned from pouring to monsoon, back to pouring, and down to a steady rain. The seeds are well watered now. I won’t have to water again anytime soon. What did you get planted today?