I return to Pyramid Life Center in Paradox, NY for the Women’s Writing Retreat every July. It’s a place to rest, catch up with friends I see once a year, meet new people, make new friends, and get a lot of writing done (or little writing at all). I wrote the last of the hard stuff, the second half of my fall down the stairs. I procrastinated because I wasn’t ready to relive the disaster. The first draft is done.

Life happened and I needed to leave a day early. Up at 4:30 am, ready to go by 5 am, and then remembered that I couldn’t catch the Fort Ticonderoga Ferry until 7 am if it happened to be on the Ticonderoga, NY side of Lake Champlain. It was not. I sat on the shore, listening to gulls and waves, and took in the beauty.

I am home and already thinking of next year. I plan to be there longer to attend a poetry weekend before the Women’s Writing Retreat begins. How could I resist more time in this beautiful setting?

Cabin 7
Cabin Sweet Cabin.
Pyramid Life Center, Women's Writing Retreat
Dock and boats in front of the cabin.
I accomplished a lot here.
A great place to watch loons, osprey and great blue heron.
More writing on the lodge’s porch.
Full moon rose over Bear Mountain during my first ever drumming circle.
Women's Writing Retreat, Pyramid Life Center, Paradox, NY
I pulled the cord. A red board rose but didn’t stay so I pulled again to be on the safe side. I don’t think they saw it!