Rainy Day

Gratitude – it’s a rainy day. It’s been so long since we’ve had a rainy day that the ground is arid. I spent a short time on the tractor Monday morning, tilling the new perennial garden site, and had to shower right after to wash away the dust. The outlet of East Musquash lake isn’t running because the water is so low. Friends had to take their boats off the water last  year because of the lack of rain. Today’s on-and-off showers aren’t enough to replenish the watershed but it’s still most welcome.

I spotted fire in the forest while driving to Lincoln yesterday afternoon. There were two small forest fires yesterday near Silver and Chain lakes. It’s that dry. A helicopter dropping water doused the flames before they were out of control. Forest fires are something to think seriously about when you live in the woods, especially on days when a Red Flag warning is up.

Bubble Rise Simmer

Most of my day will be spent mixing up a poolish for oatmeal bread, making a loaf or two of fresh ground whole grain whole wheat sourdough bread, and a pot of soup. While bowls and pots in the kitchen are busy bubbling, rising and simmering I’ll be editing a novel. Yes, you read that right. I’m excited about this project. I’ll have a book or two to give away later this year. Stay tuned.

It’s wet and chilly. The bumble bees are sleeping in today.

rainy day, sunflower, bumble bees

rainy day, watering herbs under the eaves, herbs, container gardening

rainy day, rain on sunflowers

Sneak peak at one of the projects on my list – flat rocks. I’m starting to think about the long list of work to be done before winter sets in. It’s almost August. That doesn’t seem daunting until I think about bear hunting taking up time over what might be the next eight weeks, then October’s bow season for deer and the start of upland game bird season, and if I don’t fill that deer tag in October, November’s rifle season. I’m feeling the pressure for meat so much so that I ordered 25 meat chicks. We were going to buy them locally but… They’ll be here the week of August 21 and in the freezer in October. They don’t have to be big birds since there are only two of us so it won’t take as long as usual to raise them.

flat rocks, rainy day, walk way, path, perennial garden

Firewood, the change from summer to fall/winter growing in the high tunnel, raised beds to finish up and get planted, work on the hen house and pen, and there’s that book I’m writing that isn’t getting enough attention. It’s time to keep myself to home and hearth and pen as much as possible.