He’s early and he’s a welcome sight and sound. I stepped out onto the porch this morning to collect Penny’s food and milk dishes. It was warm and still and from the top of the dead spruce tree behind the stone fireplace, a robin singing. The first robin of spring was so raspy I wondered if he was singing his first song of the year. He was joined by a female in late afternoon. I look forward to waking in the morning to the sound of robins singing in lots of tree tops.

Photo by Joshua J Cotten at Unsplash


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And then off to work I went. Thursday is the biggest baking day of the week at Tressa & Trudy Bakery, my homestead business. I kneaded dough and watched the robins flit from snowbank to snowbank in front of the house. A glimpse of spring does a lot to fade the winter blahs.

A note on photos – I’ve fallen out of the habit of keeping a camera with me during the pandemic. Part of coming back to the blog today is to spark a bit of creativity.