Self Reliance Challenge – Thoughts

I lost track of time this week and didn’t wrap up the Self Reliance Challenge. I was busy being self reliant, the number one reason I don’t write here more often these days. With so many projects going at once it’s hard to think through what I’ll write about, take pics and get them resized, and sit down to do the work. It’s a lot more fun being outside pulling rhubarb, creating recipes for On The Fire, planting seeds and seedlings, pulling weeds, pulling more freaking weeds, lifting upset mommas to see if their eggs have hatched (they have!), planting trees and perennials and annuals and pulling more weeds – then telling the story. This isn’t a teaching blog so I don’t write how-to’s, something I should have considered before accepting the challenge. This is a what it’s like to live in the wild, in a tiny town with a population of 60, blog.

This was beneficial to me. I made better lists and I did a  better job of checking things off. We’re about half-way through some very big projects and it’s mentally and physically exhausting. I’ll be thrilled when we’re able to settle into maintenance mode and no longer think about what has to be built or repaired or town down and replaced. I’m looking forward to a time when lists aren’t overwhelming because nothing is ever finished. It’ll be good. Until then, onward we go!

New life! One Silkie hen has one Silkie chick. Two Silkie hens are co-setting, co-hatching and now co-raising six Khaki Ducklings. I’ve taken a few pics. I’m going outside now to build the hens and ducklings a straw bale home in the high tunnel. I’ll take pics…and maybe even sit down to get them here! 😉

Ducklings were coming!