Self Reliance Challenge

self reliance challenge
Join us in the self reliance challenge!

Lisa at The Self Sufficient HomeAcre invited me to join her in the Self Reliance Challenge. Challenging myself to be more self reliant is a good idea so I was happy to accept the invitation. Self-reliance can become so ordinary, such a normal part of every day life, that doing more doesn’t cross my mind. This month-long challenge in May is a good time for me to step up to do more. I’ll also tell you about some of the things we already do to be self-sufficient that I seldom or don’t bring up here.

On Monday a small group of homesteading women will introduce ourselves, share our goals for the month of May, and share links to each other. Please do take time to check out the others! If you decide to blog about self reliance you’re welcome to join us (PLEASE DO!) in using our hashtag #SelfRelianceChallenge. You’re also welcome to leave a direct link to your self reliance blog post so that we can visit your blog.