Setting up Bear Bait Sites

Look! This isn’t a recipe. It’s a minor miracle, right? 😉 I’ve been absent for a long time. Sometimes we need down time to figure out what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, why we’re doing, who we are and want to be, and simply be. I’ve been busy but not with writing here. We started setting up bear bait sites on Saturday. This is a good time to learn about why we hunt.

What a job. The site behind the house was easy. We’ll call this Site 1. The barrel has been there for year; we used five gallon buckets two years ago. We took two five gallon buckets of doughnuts to the barrel and blocked the hole with logs. I climbed into the tree stand to give Steve direction on what branches needed to be trimmed to give me a clear view. I don’t want to lose out on meat because there were too many branches in the way – again.

I draped the safety bar with camo fabric to give myself more cover. We aren’t raising poultry for meat this year, a decision made when I got the moose permit. We’ll probably eat the one drake out of six ducklings a chicken hatched and raised. I expected a 50/50 hatch of males and females. I wanted four drakes and two hens. Jokes on me. There won’t be a shortage of eggs here! So, camo to hide myself better. Standing at the barrel, I can barely see where my head will be. I don’t think a bear will see me.

We’re required to leave identification and contact information at each site. All three sites are near water, are in shaded areas, and are away from houses and camps. They’re all on private land.

After Site 1 was done we moved on to Site 2. Site 2 is where I shot my second bear. We had a lot of problems with people, some issues so bad I had to call the game warden two years ago. I sat there a few times last year but Steve used it most of the time. Site 3, his usual spot, had a sow with triplets that drove the other bears away. We moved Site 2. It’s a shame. There are a lot of bears in the area, so many that some are live trapped each spring and relocated because they’re a nuisance. Site 2 involved scouting while it was 85° and the horse flies, mosquitoes and black flies were thick. It was miserable. It cooled down to 82° while we carried in a chainsaw, two five gallon buckets of doughnuts, a 50 gallon barrel, the tree stand and the boards that level the stand. I found old scat and a bear trail in the area. The camera is up. We’ll go back this weekend to see if it’s been found.



Site 2 – Site 3 is established. It’s where I shot my first bear four years ago. The brambles have over grown and filled in the trail. We were both bloodied by the time we got to the site. The temp was a little lower but the biting bugs were still horrid. All this site needed was a barrel and two buckets of doughnuts. We’ll tighten up tree stands at 2 and 3 this weekend.

And now we wait to see what happens. Or, if you’re hanging out with me on Facebook you know what’s already happened.