Wildlife stories galore. I have three updates from the homestead and photos away from the homestead and I don’t know where to start. I’ll start here on the homestead. hmm…how about cute? Let’s go with cute first.

Remember Slinky? Another ermine, called a stoat as well as short-tailed weasel when dressed in their summer coats, spent part of the winter slipping into the sun porch to hunt mice. I’ve been feeding her, of course. Two weeks ago she struggled to fit through the hole she’s been using all winter. “She’s looking a little chubby,” I told Steve. Last year’s weasel moved her still-naked babies into the wood shed on June 29. It seemed too early to be that far into a pregnancy.

Today, April 29, Slinky ’18 moved at least two furred kits from the barn into the wood shed. I’m sure there were more as the dogs were going nuts earlier. I assumed they were after a red squirrel and let them be. When I realized my mistake I closed them inside. And I waited.