Spring Scenery

I’m joining in on Five On Friday with a week of spring scenery. I’m chosen five highlights or activities of my week. If you’d like to join in you can find the information at the Five on Friday link.

We’ve had beautiful weather, okay weather, and cold, wet, damp, uncomfortable weather this week. I started my week at a writing retreat in Grand Lake Stream. Sunrises were stunning. It was cold enough on morning to wake to frozen pipes. The sun rose, air warmed, and before our first workshop the water started to trickle. I got in a few minutes of fly fishing one morning when the fish started to rise before the first workshop began. There’s a little more green in the scenery after this week’s rain.

Steve and I have been to Grand Lake Stream to check out the water flow and watch the anglers fly fishing. And we’ve done a lot of turkey hunting this week. The elderberry buds are forming. The spring scenery is coming along. A few more warm, sunny days will do it wonders.

spring scenery, big lake, Grand Lake Stream

spring scenery, five on friday

spring scenery
spring scenery, boulder, Grand Lake Stream
elderberry buds, spring sceneryTurkey hunting hasn’t been good yet. We have three full weeks to go. I’m day dreaming of four big toms, we can each take two, to help fill the freezer but we’ve barely seen turkeys. Every bird we’ve seen has been at a distance. I walked a half mile down a pipeline to get to a tom that disappeared before I got close enough. That’s a story of its own. We’ve seen a bear, a lot of deer, the few turkeys, more snowshoe hares than we’ve had in a few years, and lots of vistas. Standing at the top of one ridge while looking down at lakes, ponds and streams and back up again to mountains and more ridges is scenery I can’t adequately describe. It’s worth getting up at 3 am to see.

How was your week?