Sunday morning brunch. Probably my favorite meal of the week. Steve usually cooks breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays but once in a while I get in the mood for a skillet breakfast. This morning I diced bacon, red bell pepper, and Red Marble onions. I grew the onions last year and they’re still storing well. Out of 15 left in the basket only three have sprouted. I partially baked two potatoes early this morning, making the house smell good and warming up the kitchen. The eggs came from our chickens and ducks, garlic and dried herbs from the garden. Add salt and pepper. There isn’t a recipe except for photos. I somehow missed a photo of the eggs on top of the rest of the ingredients before I put the cast iron skillet in the oven, and still didn’t think of it when I spread the cheddar cheese. The oven is mostly to cook the eggs but it does bring all of the ingredients together. I switched the heat from bottom (oven) to top (broil) to make the cheese brown and bubbly.

Drink break now. We need a big Sunday morning brunch to keep us fueled for a busy day. I’ve watered the high tunnel, clipped a few crab apple branches to force, and added some wood scraps from the bakery and hen house, and yard stuff to the burn pile. We have a permit to burn after 5 pm today and tomorrow. So excited! I will be very happy to no longer see that pile. We’ll be back to work after this break.

Sunday Morning Brunch 1
Sunday Morning Brunch 5
Crack the eggs on top of the other ingredients, except the cheese.
Leave space between them.