Unrealistic To Do Lists

I bet most of us have them – unrealistic to do lists that make us feel bad, lazy, inferior, unworthy, incapable, blah blah blah. Sleep and I aren’t getting along these days. I’m running on four hours and a few catnaps a night. It’s a great time to run through the to do list, over and over again. I add to it, scribble things out while I organize the list, add more, decide something doesn’t really need to be done right now…this year…ever…

Here’s my unrealistic list for today. TODAY. To-Day. Apparently I think I’m Wonder Woman when I’m awake at 2 am.

  • Pie pumpkin – bake. Pulp and seeds. Blog. (And now we know what’s coming up in the blog!)
  • Floors – vacuum and wash
  • Walls – wash and paint
  • Game camera cards (two does and three fawns between 6:51 and 7:15 am; all fawns are bucks, dammit)
  • Record two shows for On The Fire
  • Make room for 20 bales of straw in the high tunnel
  • Go get 20 bales of straw
  • Separate garlic
  • Campfire Cooking page
  • Hunting clothes and gear
  • Write for one hour (blog doesn’t count)
  • Figure out supper
  • Make room in wood shed for firewood
  • Chickens and ducks out, fed, watered, eggs collected
  • Move tall top and chairs to tunnel
  • Move goose decoys
  • Bring garlic in
  • Move antique stove
  • Google irritability and anxiety to see if being anxious also makes me slightly bitchy
  • Google insomnia and ginko
  • Take old birch tree out
  • Cut new birch tree
  • Find lights for birch tree and put them on
  • Blog about 7.5″ of rain, that the bear seems to have hibernated, and all fawns are bucks (this counts!)

hmmm  Is it 2 am? This doesn’t seem unreasonable at the moment.

Dose of Reality

  • Pumpkin – two hours. Cook, scoop, mix, seeds, photos, photos resized, blog written, pics uploaded, SEO done, scheduled. Three hours.
  • Vacuuming and washing floors takes an hour.
  • Washing the kitchen walls has taken me three weeks so far. If I stop procrastinating it will take 30 minutes for walls and woodwork. I should just do it now.
  • Paint kitchen walls. See wash kitchen walls, add 90 minutes
  • Straw – I can clear a spot in the back of the tunnel in 15 minutes from putting my boots on to taking them back off. I have to do this before 3 pm because I am going to get straw.
  • Separate garlic. Two hours
  • Chicken manure to garlic – one hour
  • Campfire Cooking page – three hours (file to pdf, photos resized, upload)
  • Hunting clothes & Gear – 20 minutes (rifle for deer opens tomorrow)
  • Write for one hour – 90 minutes
  • Supper – ummmm
  • Table to tunnel – see straw, add five minutes
  • Bringing garlic in – add five minutes to straw and table to tunnel (the table, chairs and garlic are in the garden shed, and the garden shed is between the house and tunnel)
  • Move antique stove – 15 minutes, need to make room in the dining room
  • Google – Hey look! It’s a butterfly! 20 minutes
  • New tree and lights – 90 minutes. Oh look! Let’s follow the butterfly and forget I’m actually quite busy. I do at least know where the twinkle lights are tucked away.
  • Go get straw – 2 hrs 15 mins, longer if Kevin is there because we’ll gab

It’s 12:17 pm. I should get moving. Too bad nobody delivers pizza out here.

unrealistic to do lists, twin buckling fawns

I’ll cross more out on my next coffee break. I’m off to work on my unrealistic to do list. What’s on yours?