You’re going to need your imagination for this project. It’s March 4. We’ll have eight inches of fresh snow by night fall. Spring is a month or more away. Imagine a 60 foot long high tunnel that’s somewhere around seven feet tall. This is what we have to work with. For placement perspective, the food plot is to the left and the tall tunnel to the right. Imagine vines on a high tunnel. Can you see it? Maybe if you squint and lean in closer? See it?

high tunnel, growing vine crops in a high tunnel
food plot, high tunnel
Food plot to the left
two high tunnels, gothic arch, food plot
Tall tunnel to the right

Hip and baseboard will be repaired, and then channels can be replaced. The channel screws to the hip boards. Poly is secured to the tunnel with wiggle wire inside the channels. The north side will roll up. The south side is permanently closed because it cuts down on rain blowing in. A wide door makes bringing the extra large wheelbarrow in and out easy.

Picture firewood stacked in 25% of the long tunnel to cure. I’ll plant pumpkin, squash and gourd seeds at the base of the ribs. I’ll attach twine to the ribs and train them to grow up. Use your imagination. It’s unattractive today but six months from now pumpkins, gourds, squash and their green vines on the high tunnel will be beautiful.

Garden Plans

This is the first of what should be a lot of gardening entries this year. I have big plans. I’ve held back on sharing my plans because I’m afraid of embarrassing myself by failing. So be it. I’ll share the failures as well as the successes so you can learn along with me. I’m starting a large perennial garden that will eventually spread out to the orchard (right of tall tunnel), over to the pond, into the back yard, and to the bakery.

Bakery Plans

Plans for Tressa & Trudy (bakery) are evolving into a small store of homestead-grown and made foods and crafts. It will open in the spring after work on the building is done.

Dreaming big. It will take time but it will come together. I’m sure of it. Or I’m not sure of it but I’m going to do my best!