Deer stands – not something we think much about this time of year in this part of the country, but in other areas, those warm spots down south, they’re still climbing into them. Like Maggie Boineau, author of Camo 365 and a lovely all-around outdoorswoman, I wonder about the stories these stands could tell. I once found old foot pegs pounded into an ancient oak tree. Only parts and pieces of metal pegs were visible through the bark. They’d been there a long time. It was a kind of confirmation I needed that day. I’d never hunted that piece of land and I wasn’t sure which direction to face. Following the pegs up the tree, I spied a tree stand made of three boards, two of them now hidden beneath oak leaves on the ground. The hunter faced west, and so that’s the direction I faced. I didn’t see anything that day but I did bring a peg I found on the ground home with me as a reminder of the day. (We are friends with the landowner; bringing the peg home was okay.)

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