Whole Grain Wheat Bread

I’ve been kneading to make bread. I’ll stop for a moment while you groan at how punny I was. Okay. I’ll stop now. I did need to make bread. I threw away what was left of a store bought loaf yesterday. You know those days when all you want is a piece of toast with a little butter or jam…or both? That’s what I want. It’s chilly and drizzly today. Having the oven on for a while added warmth to the house through the heat as well as the aroma of baking bread. It’s been a long time since I made a whole grain wheat bread and couldn’t remember the weights or how much yeast and salt to use so I guesstimated. After kneading a few minutes I added what the dough felt like it needed.

A long gentle knead, a slow rise, a hot oven, and here it is – one long loaf baked in a Pullman pan (lid off, not how it’s supposed to be used) of whole grain wheat bread. Cooled before cutting to hold in the steam and keep the loaf moist. One slice, a bit of butter, ten minutes of savoring every bite. I should do this bread baking thing more often.

Whole Grain Wheat Bread, dough, grinding wheat

whole grain wheat bread, pullman pan, homemade

whole grain red wheat bread, baked, homemade

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