Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is the largest of true foxes. I’ll add tracks, scat and other signs as I find it but since I seldom see them, it will take a while. Living with wildlife is always interesting. We don’t see fox often and when we do, it’s a brief.

The red fox population around our homestead rises and falls . The one we saw most often was a vixen that denned and raised her kits nearby in 2014. She’d stroll down the road until she got close to the house, run past while Sebastian barked at her, and slow to a trot when she reached the treeline at the edge of the lawn. She didn’t cause any problems for our poultry even though they were outside, but I’m sure I saw her run by with someone’s Buff Orpington hen once. We haven’t seen a fox here since that vixen though surely they aren’t far away. It’s nice to see them once in a while but we’re glad to having them living elsewhere. No need to tempt them with our birds.

This fox was willing to stick around long enough for me take pictures one afternoon. She was on Rt 6 in Springfield.

red fox, (Vulpes vulpes)

(Vulpes vulpes), Red fox
red fox, wildlife, vulpes vulpes, Maine