Steve and I had an almost repeat of the weekend before last year’s moose hunt in the North Maine Woods. Governor Mills signed the Cast and Blast weekend into law last May. It allows hunters and anglers to bird hunt (except woodcock) and fly fish in the same weekend. Fly fishing in most waters ended the day bird hunting opened. A LOT of people took advantage of this great weekend. The area around Baxter State Park and in the North Maine Woods was packed with people. I was ready to get off the Telos Road and onto side roads with little and no traffic to do some bird hunting. At the end of the day we made an extra side trip to look for one more ruffed grouse so I could fill my daily limit (didn’t happen), and we found this young bull moose trotting down the side of the road.

He made a sharp right down an old trail. Steve stopped so I could try to get one picture of the young bull running into the woods. Steve made one cow call and stopped this youngster in his tracks. He’s great at calling anything and everything. A second call turned him around. We watched his ears twitch. He sniffed the air. He could hear the girl but not catch her scent. His ears moved independently, one to the side, the other toward us. Steve called again and the bull took a few steps toward us.

“Here he comes.” He took a few more steps. “Hey buddy. You stay there and I’ll stay here and we’ll be just fine.” Steve continued to call on and off for a few minutes. The bull lost interest, turned back and trotted down the trail. He was fortunate he didn’t meet up with someone who had an unfilled bull permit at 5 pm on the last day of their moose hunt.

Young Bull Moose

young bull moose, North Maine Woods
You called?
Well…maybe i’m interested.
You have my attention.
young bull moose
Stay right here? Okay.
I’m still curious!
Alright then. Places to go, cows to find.