Hi there! I’m Robin. I’m married to Steve and mum to our daughters Kristin and Taylor. I’m also the woman behind Tressa & Trudy, the bakery located on our homestead. I’m a writer, columnist, and hope to be a book author soon.

Steve and I didn’t grow up out here. We moved from a small city to a small town in 1989 and thought we’d live there forever. It didn’t take long for the neighboring houses to close in on us. We moved to a tiny town, population 60, in northern Washington County, Maine. Towns are few and far between. We are 90 miles from a city, 45 and 50 minutes from Walmart stores, 10 miles “from town,” and about 15 minutes from Canada. See the light gray line that runs through Vanceboro, through Spednic Lake and up? That’s the border between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

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Forest Sweet Forest. We don’t have enough Residents to get a dot on the map.
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We live on a 45 acre homestead. Our land is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness; lakes, ponds and streams, mountains and ridges, and beautiful scenery everywhere.

Cell signals are iffy. Cable television ends 1.5 miles from the house and the landline was so iffy I had it disconnected years ago.

We don’t have neighbors in sight but we’re close enough to help each other out if necessary. There are three miles of paved road in town but endless miles of gravel roads and ATV and snowmobiles trails. You can legally ride ATVs and snowsleds on our paved roads providing there’s enough snow for the sleds.

Wildlife is a daily part of life out here. Bear, moose, deer, coyotes, bobcat, raccoon, skunk, porcupine, red and gray squirrel, chipmunk, various weasels, bald eagle, osprey, various hawks and others. We work to protect our ducks and chickens from predators. Our 2015 losses were to a bobcat (two birds) and a neighbor’s dog (10 birds).

Being away from the city and conveniences of city life since 1989, living out here doesn’t seem all that remote anymore. I’m reminded from time to time that we really are in the wilderness…with a little bit of “civilization” around us. I’m also reminded how different my life is from most people.

It’s all about making a life in the wild by growing, raising, hunting, fishing and foraging for our food. We heat with wood, put up most of the food we eat, and we love the outdoors. Hiking, camp, canoeing and kayaking, and cooking out at one of the fireplaces outdoors keep us entertained. Thanks for joining us!