Greetings from Living Wild! Here, you’ll discover a plethora of priceless tips, tricks, and resources that have all been tried and true by someone who has done it all. Living Wild has got you covered whether you want to up your gardening game, improve your culinary, or go on an adventure.

Our advice is grounded in actual experiences, including lessons we’ve learned from our failures. Consider us your companion and guide as you explore nature’s magic.

Living Wild comprises a group of spirited travelers, gardeners, and cookbook writers. Our greatest fulfillment comes from teaching and meeting other enthusiasts who appreciate nature just as much as we do.

Old-fashioned skills like tending to vegetable gardens and canning homegrown goods are things we think everyone should be able to do. You’ll experience the rush of learning to be a little more self-sufficient and explore the uncharted territory around us by doing this. So come along on this thrilling voyage with us!

About Me

Hi! And welcome onboard to this platform that aims to inform and collaborate with outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

While I started Living Wild as a solo adventurer, I am proud to say that the team has grown, and we’re open to meeting more adventure-seeking individuals as our journey goes on.

Aside from my love for the outdoors, I’m interested in gardening, snowboarding, camping, canoeing, skiing, hiking, bicycling, and surfing, among other activities.

It’s more than simply a pastime for me; it’s a way of life.

I want to encourage all the explorers (or dreaming of being one) – housewives, travelers, life-lover, joy-seeker, and explorers to browse through and be inspired by our experiences.