Defining Off Grid Living

What does living off the grid entail? For some, this means giving up all forms of electronics and leading a simple life. For others, it’s similar to making a political statement.

You choose to live in a far-flung place and cut yourself off from civilization. It resembles a declaration of independence and freedom from an oppressive regime.

It’s like cutting yourself from the comfort and luxury of material things. You are doing this to be free from financial ties, corruption, and greed. Thus, the concept can be viewed as pushing yourself too far.

However, not everyone who prefers to live off the grid would live in the wilderness or woods. It only means you are cutting your dependence on the grid or the primary electrical supply.

The word “grid” refers to the electrical grid, the network or system that supplies energy to homes, businesses, machinery, and other structures.

You do this by resorting to the use of sustainable energy. You create and store energy rather than get something from the main electrical supply, typically powered by fossil fuels.

It’s a necessity for survival and a good choice for preparing for an emergency. This means you’d have electricity despite a natural catastrophe or a complete electrical blackout.

For some, the lifestyle is all about being prepared regardless of the time and situation. You are leading a lifestyle that will benefit yourself and the environment.

Aside from generating your own electricity, other nature-friendly habits follow. They include growing crops and relying more on renewable resources than anything else.

It’s like finding a healthy balance between what you can gain from the environment and what you can give.

In the end, different people interpret living off the grid differently. It depends on what they do to promote its cause and meaning. There is no right or wrong as long as you do it to help yourself and the environment at the same time.

Paul Brookins

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