Looking at an Example of an Off-Grid Tiny Home

Ever wonder what a tiny house with an off-grid system looks like? This couple was gracious enough to give a tour of their home and lives.

Paul and Annett were originally from Sydney, Australia. They have decided to begin anew in an unfamiliar and remote place in New South Wales. From the start, they were set to make their home off-grid and powered by renewable energy sources.

Despite being inexperienced, they were driven by the desire to help nature by reducing their carbon footprint. This goal prompted them to use renewable energy in their tiny home.

They created a small mobile home powered by solar energy, a solar water heater, a rainwater collector, and a biogas generator. The couple utilized power tools using solar energy from day one of the house’s construction until their home was done.

One must not be deceived by how the house looks and the seemingly small area. It is fully equipped with appliances and furniture while leaving ample space to move around.

The interior has a cozy and fresh ambiance, thanks to its white walls and plant decor. The couple also planned carefully for the kitchen to ensure its aesthetic but also useful for all their food preparation needs.

The furnace is powered by both gas and electricity. They have an electric stove that uses solar energy during the day and a biogas engine at times when the sun is not shining.

The house’s steel frame is kept exposed in the kitchen, which has many pantry drawers and storage spaces built in.

The bathroom’s amenities include a hand-built composting commode, a full-sized shower, and a salad bowl-turned-sink. To make use of vertical room, the house was constructed with two sizable lofts. Both have enough space for clothing and books.

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