Crucial Things to Know to Live Off the Grid

The most important factor in living off the grid is self-sufficiency. It requires planning to ensure the place will sustain your needs while keeping you safe and comfortable.

Here are some of the vital things you need to know if you want to live off-grid eventually:

1. Location

The property where you will build a home must be conducive to the lifestyle. It has to be remote and void of too many building codes and permits. Find areas that are not costly and where you will be required to pay minimal property taxes.

2. Your Home

You have many options when it comes to the shelter you’d build. One, you can create a tiny home equipped with complete appliances and furniture. Or you may prefer the less expensive types like tents or yurts.

The type you will choose will depend on your budget and the condition of the land where you will put up your home.

3. Water Source

For off-grid living, a reliable supply of potable water must be available. You must choose a piece of land that either has a natural water source or where it is easy to haul water because you most likely won’t have access to city water or municipal county water sources on your property.

A water collection device is the other resource you require. This could be a straightforward water collection system, like a rain barrel attached to your home’s gutter, or a more intricate design, like a cistern that gathers all the rainwater from your roof.

4. Energy Source

You must plan on the renewable energy sources you will install in your off-grid home. This is why it’s called off-grid; you are far from the primary power grid.

In choosing your energy sources (solar, biofuel, wind turbine), you must consider the appliances and other devices you use that require energy to turn on.

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