Safety Tips About Raccoons

Although raccoons are frequently seen in urban, suburban, and rural locations, this does not imply that they are harmless or hospitable to people. Raccoons can be pretty hazardous if they approach too closely.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has provided the following advice for staying safe around raccoons:

1. Keep Your Distance

If a raccoon gets into your property, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm. Then, close your doors inside except for a way out for the raccoon. Just stay inside one place and let the raccoon get out of the area on its own.

If necessary, gently contain the raccoon outside with a broom. A raccoon should never be cornered though since doing so will make it defend itself.

Children should be instructed to stay away from raccoons in locations where they are frequently sighted and to yell if one comes too close so that parents will know they need help.

2. Keep Your Pets Inside at Night

If this is not feasible, make sure they are in a safe space that raccoons cannot access. When attacked by dogs or cats, raccoons will attack them, and their bites can be harmful or even fatal.

3. Keep Your Trash Away from the Raccoons

Even when you believe the lid is securely fastened, raccoons are incredibly clever and will figure out how to access waste to obtain food. If your trash can’s lid doesn’t lock or clamp, you should tie it down with a rope, bungee cords, chain, or weights.

Additionally, it is suggested to fasten the can to stop raccoons from knocking it over. Another choice is to put all trash cans in the garage or shed and to keep the doors shut.

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