How to Use a Solar Lantern for Adventure and Survival

Have you ever heard of or seen LuminAID? It is a portable, waterproof solar lantern ideal for hikers and campers. It’s also an innovative product that provides an alternative source of emergency lighting in case of emergencies.

Since it uses photovoltaic technology, the product can provide light even during catastrophes or a long period of power failure. It was first conceptualized in 2010 by two architecture graduate students, Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta.

The students were instructed to create a product that would support Haiti’s post-earthquake relief efforts. After giving it some thought, they concluded that one of Haiti’s biggest issues was the risky circumstances in the tent cities built for the homeless.

Light, which many people take for granted, is always lacking in times of disaster. LuminAID was developed to produce a secure, dependable product, and simple to use.

The original model was made from a sturdy, inflatable plastic bag with a pouch in the center containing a solar panel, three LED lights, and a rechargeable battery. It looked like a solar pillow.

Due to its lightweight and compact packaging, it is easy to ship out the lanterns to areas hit by a disaster. In comparison, a standard package with a size that can pack eight flashlights can accommodate 50 solar pillows.

The original solar pillow and lanterns can be charged by the sun or USB. It is now available in various sizes and models. You can also get a color-changing type and avail of other accessories to use the light in trekking or hiking.

The most recent innovations include a phone charging feature. This ensures you get your devices charged even when you go camping or hiking in a remote place without electricity.

To date, LuminAID has already been used in over 100 countries worldwide. It’s a perfect accessory for your emergency kit and a handy tool when you explore the outdoors.

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