Breaking Up With Facebook

Breaking Up With Facebook

Breaking Up With Facebook, Kind Of

This is about me and my dwindling tolerance level. It isn’t a reflection of what I think anyone else should do. I’m breaking up with Facebook, kind of. Facebook feels like a dark cloud hanging over my head. I was going to deactivate my account but overnight, tossing and turning and thinking about how it’s gotten to this point, I decided to keep the account. There are groups I would miss that I can’t keep in touch with through other means. A Messenger app for laptops and phones as well as email will let people who want to stay in touch do so.

Political nonsense and the way people behave ruin my good mood. I’m not cut out for what’s considered socially acceptable these days. This new normal isn’t normal for me. Making fun of people, including politicians and celebrities, for the sake of being mean, for fun, or to “prove” a point disturbs me. It shows me little about the targeted person yet it does show me a lot about the person being mean.

I wouldn’t allow this face to face in my living room but I’ve allowed it to be in my face on Facebook. I don’t expect anyone to change their behavior, but I can change what I see. As a result, I’ve kept my favorite groups and I’ll check into them from time to time.

Minding My Own Business

Anyone’s religion, sexuality, politics, hair style, choices in food or clothing or little else is any of my business. I remind myself often to mind my own business. I don’t have to like or approve of anything. There are plenty of things I believe and do that disgust and repulse others.

And so I’ll be over here in the woods dealing with food by picking vegetables and fruit, wild harvesting, preparing for the upcoming hunting seasons, and minding my own business.

7 thoughts on “Breaking Up With Facebook

  1. i so get that! i am admin for several groups so i will stay on facebook, but my newsfeed is being re-designed to suit me and my daily needs for encouragement so i can encourage others. i have unfollowed most friends and family (they can still connect through PM and can see my posts if they want) i can check on them if i know something like a new baby is coming soon. my newsfeed is for me…so i have liked sites that encourage, send verses or devotions, great quotes, jokes ,etc. but i pretty much only care about my groups these days LOL but if i do run across a great – well thought out , informative article that will help clarify this mess called politics i will share it…until then i am keeping a low profile…thanks for the reminder not to get in other peoples’ business. i want to be encouraging ,but they probably don’t need my input most of the time.

  2. I got rid of it a while back it became so impersonal, competitive, and nasty. It seems like a platform for people to vent their anger or try and make fun of your choices…just too much negativity for me. Maine makes me want more nature not more people lol !

    1. Sarah, that’s what I told friends yesterday. Less Facebook, more outdoors. I do miss the days of Facebook being fun but it is what it is, so off I go.

  3. I’m like you on this.
    I cleaned up my account, deleted any and all that had become irrelevant, but keep it for local groups that are otherwise unaccessible.

  4. So glad that I am not alone. I left FB back in March and I have not looked back. I still have contact with a few friends and fellow photographers, but gone is the “drama”. As I read your blog I couldn’t help but think you were putting my thoughts in type. Your line “This new normal isn’t normal for me” is so dead on! Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Todd. I don’t miss it in the least. I like the Messenger app I have on the laptop. I can check in with friends without opening fb. This was most definitely a good decision.

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