After My First Cup of Coffee

After My First Cup of Coffee

I was on a roll this morning. After my first cup of coffee I shoveled the packed snow from in front of the hen house door. Steve usually plows a wide path past the hen house and firewood tunnel, and then on to the edge of the woods. Not this time. There’s too much snow. Officially we got 24″ during the blizzard but after being out in it this morning, I disagree. I’ve shoveled and roof raked, walked on and through, and measured in several places. It’s closer to 30″.  The ducks came out through the people door to get to their water in the path but got distracted and headed for their pen. They won’t be in their pen until most likely April. It’s too much snow to shovel to get to their little door into the pen.

blizzard 2017, after my first cup of coffee
after my first cup of coffee, mailbox in snow

Roof Raking. It’s a Thing.

after my first cup of coffee, hen house door, blizzard 2017With the birds tended to for the day I raked the porch roof. Metal roofing helps snow slide off but it’s not as helpful as I expected. The roof doesn’t have enough pitch, something we can’t change. Had I known I’d still be roof raking I’d have voted for a much more attractive traditional roofing. Anyway. I also shoveled the snow off most of the back porch. The ermine has a tunnel through the snow that’s about 18″ off the ground, and I was careful to leave it as intact as possible. Most of the cleaning up from the blizzard is done…just in time for the storm that starts tomorrow afternoon. We’re supposed to get another six to twelve inches. Yeah. <—sarcasm I’m going to need more coffee.

I’m not complaining too much. We had bare ground under big softwoods two weeks ago and little snow after that. There were frigid days here and there but no long cold snap. It was an easy winter up until the blizzard. I’m protecting my work time carefully these days as I write, and I’m enjoying the new routine I’ve set up. Being snowed in is nice.

After my now third cup of coffee, it’s time to hit the book.


7 thoughts on “After My First Cup of Coffee

  1. So winter comes and goes in your area then? Unlike here, where winter comes & sets up house & outstays his welcome pretty much every year.
    Do you have a snowblower, or a plow on your truck? Or is all that shoveled by hand? 🙁

  2. It doesn’t leave once it settles in but it’s sometimes easier than other years. It had been pretty easy this year with bare ground under trees and a foot of snow in the woods. We’ve made up for it now! I think your temperatures are probably colder than ours.

    We have a snowblower and a plow on the tractor. Steve does the plowing and I do the shoveling. The snow pile at the edge of the house is now higher than the sun porch. :/ We had a front end loader come in yesterday afternoon to push back the banks so we can get to the mailbox and see out of the driveway. If it didn’t snow again this winter we’d have enough to last into April.

  3. I sooo know the feeling. Not right now though, we have had warm weather. I can actually see the ground in some places. Drink lots of coffee, but don’t hurt yourself shoveling. It will be there tomorrow.

  4. Beautiful photos. We’ve had nearly no snow this year. And no snow days. I’m not sure if I miss it or not. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful weather (in the 60s) and I’m planning on heading up to camp at my Shack. From what I hear, there’s not been much snow up there either.

  5. I miss being snowed in, while living in Boston for 12 years, we got snowed in a few days and I loved it. we all, especially the kids loved it too. So I’m a bit jealous, never mind, but reading your post was great and it is good to be reminded of those wonderful moments, while still in America!

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