In My Garden – June 2 2017

In My Garden – June 2 2017

In My Garden June 2 2017

It’s that time again. I love following gardening blogs and it’s easy to find them when you leave your link in a comment. Leave a link, I’ll visit your blog and leave a comment. Let’s pull together a new gardening community. I will have a LOT to share this year between the newly redone high tunnel and the perennial gardens. How about it? Care to join me? Link back here to tell your readers where to get started. ( ‎). You can find the details for In My Garden 2017 at the june 2 2017

In The High Tunnel

I neglected my seedlings this year. They’re healthy but young and small so I bought a half dozen Jet Star (average red tomoato) and a half dozen Roma (paste). I should have gotten peppers so I’ll go back next week for them.  garden june 2 2017

roma tomatoes, #inmygarden2017, high tunnel, garden june 2 2017
Summer squash and zucchini. I’m missing one plant to the chickens that figured out how to get in through the opening in the back. We’ll fix that this weekend.#inmygarden2017, summer squash, high tunnel, zucchini
The mess it is today. I still have a lot of work to do. high tunnel, #inmygarden2017, raised beds

Herbs in the High Tunnel and Outdoors

Rosemary, purchased in the produce department of the grocery store. It’s a little shell shocked from transplanting. It went from the climate-steady house to the rising and falling temps in the high tunnel. It will recover.

rosemary in a high tunnel, rosemary, high tunnel, #inmygarden2017
Chives. The original plant was my Mum’s. chives, #inmygarden2017Lemon balm. It’s almost time to make Lemon Balm Sugar Cookies!lemon balm, #inmygarden2017
Bee Balm. There are five or six plants between two gardens. #inmygarden2017, bee balm, monarda didyma
Broadleaf Sage. There’s another in the high tunnel, last  year’s plant that over wintered well without cover.broadleaf sage, #inmygarden2017

Perennial Garden

We’ve done a lot of work in the perennial gardens. Two are finished after digging up, moving around, planting new and spreading 2,000 pounds of mulch. Next up in the perennial department, digging up grass in the back yard to expand a foundation (up against the foundation) perennial garden I started last year.

#inmygarden2017, parrot tulip
#inmygarden2017, lupine
Johnny Jump-Ups. I planted the first plants several years ago. They’ve naturalized, the colors change, and they’re spreading out on their own. Eventually I’ll put some out to make room for different perennials but for  now they’re filling space nicely. #inmygarden2017, johnny jump-ups, naturalized, self-seeding

Camelot Foxglove

camelot foxglove, foxglove, camelot mix, #inmygarden2017

Tiny Invader Asiatic Lily

tiny invader asiatic lily, asiatic lily, #inmygarden2017
Tiny Diamond Asiatic Lilytiny diamond asiatic lily, asiatic lily

The foundation perennial garden behind the house. It’s a start… I’ll add to it this year. garden june 2 2017



9 thoughts on “In My Garden – June 2 2017


    I don’t know why that didn’t come through as a link?

    Love all the perennials…and the herbs 🙂 Your hostas look so nice. Tell me, have you got a strategy to kill/smother the grass around them when you dig out that bed, or will you just dig it out? I have such a problem with quack grass, and even lawn grass, invading everywhere.

    True confession: I actually used round up for the first time this year (cringe). I hate to admit it, especially in blogland. But it’s true. There was no getting on top of this yard without drastic measures 🙁

    1. I’m going to loosen the grass and weeds with a garden fork. I’ll mulch as heavily as possible, probably with straw, pull weeds as fast as they pop up. I spend at least 10 minutes a day pulling weeds in these gardens just to stay ahead of them. Eventually the space will fill in as the plants grow, and hopefully that keeps weeds to a bare minimum.

  2. Wow you have a lot going on! I love the high tunnel. If I had one it would be full of tomatoes and sweetcorn. I just had to replant my sweetcorn, only half of it came up. It looks great. Love your lillies.

  3. Those tiny lilies are among my favourites because of how lovely they are, how they just keep spreading, & how easily they take to transplanting. I only have yellow & orange, but I have some gorgeous full size reds too. Vegetables feed the body, flowers feed the soul.

    1. I agree – flowers do feed the soul and that’s something I’m concentrating on these days. I hope that in a few years these lilies have spread out to fill in space and add large splashes of their beautiful colors. They’re my kind of flower – low maintenance.

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