Good Friday Morning

Good Friday Morning

Good Friday Morning

(I mentioned Lemon Balm Sugar Cookies last week.)

I’m looking for beautiful on the homestead this year and thought I’d share photos for Five on Friday with Amy. There isn’t a lot of beauty here but there will be. It’s a work in progress, and my mind’s eye can’t see what it’s going to look like in the end, but I’m getting closer. There are trays of seeds and seedlings and lots and lots of photos I study. The looks of our backyard change tomorrow when I start the tractor, lower the bush hog and mow the food plot and field. I’ll rake the mown grass and use it as mulch in the garden. Until then, this is a bit of beauty in the backyard, compliments of the sun.

Two of the three high tunnels through asparagus. A robin has taken to sitting at the top of the tipi to sing off and on during the day.

sun asparagus
The timothy will be mulch by the end of the weekend. Garden shed and barn on the right. To the right and behind the barn, three sour cherry trees that are loaded with ripening cherries. sun timothy
I love mature wild grasses and am a little sad to know they’ll be gone tomorrow. I’m hiring out the work to finish the garden shed, then I’ll paint and decorate it to add more beauty.sun tunnel
We were late getting it put up but the tipi is in the small backyard garden. It won’t be long until the pole beans sprout. I might have to tarp it at night this fall to protect the beans from frost long enough to mature.
sun tipi
The asparagus still needs to be dug up and moved. Maybe this weekend. sun asparagus tunnel

Balance is a struggle from spring through fall. Writing the book, growing our food, fishing for food and fun, mowing the fields, planting more seeds, transplanting seedlings, cooking and cleaning…it’s a lot and it’s overwhelming but in the end, I’ll find the time and this place will be beautiful.

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16 thoughts on “Good Friday Morning

  1. Your homestead looks like a wonderful place to be. Sounds like you’ve got a lot to keep you busy. I hope you get time to enjoy the beauty of your place too.
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Thanks you, Sharon! I do make some down time each day, even if it’s only long enough for a cup of coffee at the pond. Thanks for stopping in!

    1. Lots of inner peace. Some days it makes me want wan to screech, but most of the time it’s nice. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. It looks quite beautiful to me already! I can only dream about growing Cherry trees. It does sound as though you are busy but at least you have sunshine to help give you energy. Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. I’m not sure I’d have planted cherry trees but they were here when we moved in 18 year ago, and I like them! Have a great week and thanks for dropping in!

  3. It looks beautiful to me!! You certainly have a lot of jobs to be doing though so I hope that you can get it all done how you like it and want it to be. Take some time to enjoy it all too! Thank you for joining in with Five On Friday. I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

  4. It is a beautiful area you live in and I can see why you chose it. I’ll bet it’s a different beauty in each season.

  5. You do have much to do but what a wonderful place to do it!
    Love the sculptural look of the tipi, good luck with the beans.

  6. Our garden starts to look like a jungle. It rains and it is not cold so the weeds enjoy life !! I don’t like Google+ I don’t see the use of it, it looks like an imitation of Facebook with less success and difficulties to comment on a blog !

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. And my. It sure looks beautiful to me. It sounds like you live life to the full and are hard working. It does pay off. Love popping over to see what you are up to x

  8. One project you showed us especially interests me. I have only planted beans in rows and can imagine that growing them on a TeePee frame would be very efficient. Where I live currently we have many large trees. We are trying a raised be in a sunny spot and I have planted a tomato plant and some rainbow chard and a basil plant among my flowers in a bed at the front of our house. Thanks for letting us see some of your wonderful home projects! xx

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