The bakery is behind schedule. It’s honestly been a disaster. I’m still baking in the house but I really wanted to be in the new building in December.

There have been a lot of tears shed over this building. The craftsmanship in what I got doesn’t match the display buildings. We spent a lot of time fixing a big mess. Work I’ve had to hire out hasn’t been finished. Time spent waiting gave my mind time to wander. It wandered right out into the perennial garden, the one that doesn’t yet exist. From there it took a turn to a table and chairs under a canopy and sat down for a lesson, one that hasn’t been written yet. After that it got crafty and added new products to the bakery. Then the bakery became a store with seedlings for sale in the spring… I’m building a place for community.

Tressa & Trudy is evolving. I don’t expect to open in the new building until April. When it does, I’ll make it a big deal with samples and sales.

It’s coming but it’s a work in progress for a while yet.