I haven’t talked about “fresh food daily” much this year. After losing the veggies in the high tunnel to an open door during a blizzard, there hasn’t been much for fresh food. We do have eggs daily thanks to pullets that I still haven’t identified (should do that today), and now thanks to ducks that started laying three days ago. First one egg, then one egg on the second day, and three eggs on the third day. Four eggs tomorrow?

There’s always a bit of chatter online about putting hens in the stew pot because they’re laying soft-shelled eggs. I say HOLD OFF! Don’t eat those chickens yet. Give them a couple of weeks to get back into the business of egg production after taking a bit of time off. Those soft shells almost always straighten out. Have you ever cracked one open? They sometimes have only the white, other times a yolk and are otherwise completely normal minus the shell problem. We eat them. They’re safe. We’re eating what’s in the shell, not the shell itself.

Duck eggs are small right now because they’re starting to lay but my goodness these pullets are giving us nearly jumbo sized, sometimes double-yolked eggs. They’re beautiful!

Don’t give up on those soft shells. As long as you’re providing a healthy diet you probably don’t need to add calcium. Are the birds getting enough in their pelleted feed and anything else they’re eating? If you’re giving them outdated milk or calcium-rich greens they’re probably just fine. duck eggs, pullet eggs

This egg is from a three year old Silkie. She needed a week to get back into the swing of laying.
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