Fawn in the Food Plot

Good morning! It’s a beautiful, cool morning here on the homestead. It feels more like September than July this week. It was 48° when I looked out at 4:45 am. Here’s an awwwww to start you’re day. This little buck fawn runs like a thoroughbred through the then-tall grass (Steve mowed since this was taken) while his mom grazes. Do you know how I know it’s a buck? Can you tell?

We think this fawn is one of three. There’s a picture on different camera that shows a doe with twins. This little one seems to be a singleton. With shorter grass now the fawns will show up better in photos. We’ll be moving three cameras this weekend when we set up for bear hunting. Never enough cameras.

fawn, whitetail fawn, food plot, white-tail

fawn, buck fawn, whitetail fawn, food plot

fawn, food plot, Maine