Gardening at Sunrise

Tree tops swayed in a breeze before sunrise this morning. I watched them while still curled up beside Steve, reluctant to leave my cozy spot but eager to go to the garden. It’s August in Maine – hazy, hot and humid. Today’s forecast calls for 85°, the dew point around 60°, and the humidity at 80% and rising. Ugh. We’ve had a welcome break from the humidity that sparked a yearning for autumn, but it moved back in under the cover of darkness. Gardening at sunrise in the summer is soothing. Later in the day, when the plants have dried and the sun is high, picking beans and other work is, well, work.

Herbs in the old but newly designed herb garden by the back porch needed a good weeding. The soil needs a lot of help but overall it’s doing okay. Crabgrass, Creeping Charlie and plantain are the worst offenders. Everything but the Charlie goes into a bucket to be composted and fed back to the soil. Right now there’s more empty space than plant and the weeds are taking advantage. There’s a bit more to do but coffee was my butterfly this morning. “Oh look! A…butter…cup of coffee is ready.” The aroma of fresh brewed coffee met me at the corner of the porch and drew me in.

Later this morning

After coffee and breakfast I’ll get chores done. Later, when I’m not gardening at sunrise, I’ll at least be in the shade for part of the day. There are beans, cucumbers, zucchini and oregano to pick in the high tunnel this morning. And then I’ll find my heavy duty gloves and tackle the perennial flower garden in front of the house. I’m taking the wheelbarrow to fill with weeds. Yes, it’s that bad. Embarrassingly bad. I’ll have it under control by the time I’m done, hopefully before the sun makes its way to the front of the house. While I’m weeding I’ll be thinking about what new plants I want for that garden. I added a rhododendron this year but nothing more. Vegetables? Mastered that garden and the high tunnel decades ago. Flowers? Not so much. I’m taking time to think it through and have what I think I want. And if I screw it all up and it’s not beautiful? I have a spade and can move it all around, but I’d rather not.

What’s going on in your garden? Any words of wisdom you can share about perennial garden planning? I have an acre to develop over time.
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