Hey There

Hey there! I’m still here, and I’m grateful that you are as well. Thanks for sticking around while I write this book. This is good timing for me to be quiet here. There’s not much going on at this little homestead in the woods. It’s still snowing. There’s still a foot of snow in the woods. It’s still winter here though I can finally feel spring coming.

The deer are leaving the woods to browse on patches of bare ground. One day last week Taylor and I were on our way to town, and I commented on the bare ground, something we don’t have here. “Some day we’ll say ‘remember when we went to Township and there was brown grass and it was soooo beautiful?'” She replied, “MUM! Don’t get so into yourself,” or something like that. It was hilarious. Ok, I thought it was funny. Maybe she didn’t.

hey there, whitetail, yearlingTurkeys are strutting in open fields. Hunting season opens May 1 and people are talking about where they’ll be on opening day. I hope I’m not in a snow bank. That’s my whole big plan so far – go where there isn’t snow, if we still have snow. I love seeing the toms strutting around, and the sound of a gobble makes me stop in my tracks to listen.

Is That Spring I Hear?

The spring birds are coming back. A red winged black bird was first, then a grackle, then robins, a merlin and now the purple finches. Merlin! Did that get your attention? It got mine when I found it trying to fly away with a still alive-and-kicking blue jay. I’ve been listening for woodcock but haven’t heard them yet. I’m eager for their return but also hope they’re a little late since we still have all this snow. Ducks, geese and loons are back. Most are in town where there’s open water in the St. Croix flowage. Out here, they’re finding a little less ice in streams each day.

hooded merganser, hen drake, spring, winter, hey there
common goldeneye, ducks, Maine, hey there
wood duck nesting box, woodie, nest box, duck, wild duck, grand lake stream, hey there
So, hey there! What’s new with you? Anything exciting? Let me live vicariously through you. Tell me something! 🙂