Another of my big dreams and plans for the homestead. When I was market farming, selling at farmers markets and to restaurants, I needed 2,500 square feet of growing space. Today, I use the tall tunnel for food production. The long tunnel is the firewood and vine tunnel. The small tunnel is the grape arbor.

grape arbor, high tunnel
High tunnel to grape arbor

I grew heirloom tomatoes in this tunnel. Grapes have been a struggle. More plants died than survived. This year I’ll get it done. It needs a few hours of work. The vines are sheltered by a two foot high wall of poly I left to protect them from wind. That will come off, and so will the back door. Ribs have shifted but will slide back into place. I’ll flame the weeds, put down a thick layer of cardboard as weed block, cover that with bark mulch, and add two or three more grape vines. The vines already there will probably be moved. I want one plant each on ribs three and eight on the side shown, and two or three more on the other side. We’ve had a good blanket of snow on the vines so I’m not concerned about how they fare over the winter.

Grape Varieties

Varieties, you’re wondering? Ya… me too. I don’t remember but the tags are out there so I’ll find out when the snow melts. I don’t remember what I ordered either. There’s a wine grape that starts with F and table grapes. It’s going to be like Christmas when the new grapes arrive and I get to open the box to find out what’s inside.

So, vines on the long tunnel, grapes on the arbor, and that leaves the tall tunnel. I haven’t yet made a plan for what will be planted where. I built raised beds last year. The soil is more like dirt but I’ll get it straightened out this year. It needs a lot of organic matter first, and then I’ll add earthworms to improve fertility, drainage and overall tilth.

Bald Eagle Pics

I have bald eagle pictures to share tomorrow. They’re pretty incredible. He made it easy.