It started on Monday. My 40-50 hour work week…it started on Monday. Unfortunately I didn’t get my shower, dressed and mascara on bright and early because I expected a desk day. A future customer called from a mile away. It’s {this close} to opening but not ready yet. “If you don’t mind the mess you’re welcome to stop in to see the building.” And she did, which was nice because she’s quite lovely.

I’m working on an “opening soon” poster for Tressa & Trudy. Reasons I’m not a graphic designer are obvious. Lots of fussing later, it’s still not done. Baking. Cooking. Visiting with customers. Exciting! Posters? No thanks.

An entire kitchen counter is covered in three or four varieties of peppers and tomatoes, a new-to-me pickling cucumber, a pail filled with carrots and onions, bunches of rosemary, dill and sage to bundle and hang… and what does this have to do with being back to work? The rosemary, dill and sage are being dried for breads. mmmm Imagine a dill roll or slice of bread with a bowl of beef stew this winter. Sage in the Thanksgiving stuffing bread I’ll make. Rosemary for Focaccia. Jars of pickles lining a shelf in the bakery turning into a homestead store.

It’s coming together. Right now it’s a mess but everything in my business brain changed on Monday. Vacation and slow times are over. I’m back to work full time. I’ll be starting seeds for beets I’ll pickle, carrots for the carrot cake muffins in the bakery this winter, and more. Idle mind – not a good thing for me. A new mindset – it started on Monday.