Misty Tuesday Morning

On a misty Tuesday morning, dressed in pajama pants, tank top and flannel shirt, I headed out to do morning chores. The turkeys spent their first night in the coop with the chickens and ducks last night so they were my first stop. Peep peep peep peep peep times a million. They’re fine but they’re a little unhappy about the change. They’ve scared the bejesus out of the ducks so there was lots of wing flapping, quacking, running in circles and flying into walls when I further stirred them up by opening the door. Sweetie isn’t happy with their presence, a perceived danger to her chicklets. I nudged her out of the way and freed a poult she had imprisoned against a wall. And then I did it again because Sweetie can be relentless.

misty tuesday morning, herb bouquet
Mint, dill and chive blossoms in a bouquet
chanterelle, mushroom
Chanterelle. Picked and waiting to go into the dehydrator.
broad breasted white turkey, misty tuesday morning, electronet fence, poults,
On the right side of the fence…for now

I cut mint to go with chive and dill, some of my favorite herbs to run my hand over as I walk by. It’s really too bad we don’t have the ability to share aromas on the internet. Well…at least for some things.

The rest of the week is going to be busy but at a quieter pace than the past three days. Steve has done an incredible amount of work on the new food plot in spite of high temperatures and humidity. It’s a dream come true for me – a place to put my popup blind and watch nature happen and write and take photos undetected. I’ve picked raspberries and wanted to pick more but the rain is going to keep me in. I’ll freeze the two quarts I have and make jelly later on. We’ve been out to pick mushrooms, worked in the garden and high tunnel, and I’ve taken a trip to Bangor already this week. Quieter is good but I have a lot to do. Later on the sun will come out, the temperature will rise, and so will the humidity. I’ll try again for those raspberries tomorrow morning when it’s cooler. Let’s hope a misty Tuesday morning doesn’t carry over to Wednesday.

Today’s To Do

  • dehydrate mushrooms
  • freeze raspberries
  • take chicken out of the freezer to thaw for supper, pull beets, pick tomatoes
  • Pick herbs and wildflowers for bouquets
  • weed pole beans
  • clean the house
  • write blog entry
  • write notes for a chapter

Story Time

One quick story before I get back to work. I am old enough to remember our phone having a party line until I was probably around 10, maybe a little longer. My cell phone has seen better days. I unzipped my life jacket, having forgotten about the phone being tucked safely away, and dropped it into the lake. I might have done that twice, seems I remember a second time. And I drowned it while fly fishing in April. It took two days to dry it out that time. I’ve dropped it on the ground more times than I could count. It’s been turning itself off in protest for a few months. I bought a new phone yesterday. It’s nothing like the old rotary phone that weighed a few pounds and was leashed to the table by a long line running to the jack in the wall. This phone doesn’t ever have to be plugged in. We’ve gone from the days of party lines and heavy stationary phones to wireless charging phones. It’s sitting here on the desk on top of a small round charger. I feel old enough to have had a pet dinosaur.

What’s on your to do list today?