Homesteading and Nature in Remote Maine

Robin Follette lives, plays and works in the woods. Chef Robin, On The Fire, Big Wild Radio. Hunt. Fish. Garden. Gather. Write.

A Life In The Wild

Outdoorswoman’s Drying Rack

I needed an easy place to hang a bundle of lavender to dry. This worked so well I used it for chocolate mint, too. This is a five point whitetail deer antler I found in the woods while hunting. It’s the only shed I’ve ever found. It’s very handy.

Kielbasa Pan Fry

I love Kielbasa. This Polish sausage adds flavor to everything else in the dish so you don’t need to add a lot of seasoning. Onions, peppers, fresh thyme, garlic and mushrooms – seasonal eating is a great way to put meals on the table.