Cold but the wind is still and the sun is shining. 8°. “Bundle up,” I thought. I knew the trees would be covered in rime ice this morning. “Want to ride with me to Musquash to photograph the rime ice?” He drove. I wasn’t expecting ice discs, the natural phenomenon we’re hearing a lot about in Maine lately. These small discs are barely comparable to the 100 yard disc on the Presumpscot River in Westbrook or Nesowadehunk Stream in Baxter State Park. What they lack in size they make up for in number. I counted 15 ice discs.

Rime ice on shrubs
Rime ice on flooded shrubs
rime ice, cattail, rime ice on a cattail
Cattail covered in rime ice
Rime ice, fishing tackle, power line
What is it about this exact spot?
ice disc, Presumpscot, Nesownedehunk
Ice discs
East Musquash Lake, lake outlet, rime ice
East Musquash Outlet