Sprinter arrived. It’s the end of March, our typically snowiest month of the year, but not in 2019. It was an odd winter with more than average rain that kept the snow pack down. We haven’t had more than two feet of snow on the ground for more than a few days at a time. Imagine that. Our last day of snowshoeing was March 23.

Sun and Snow

Spring Migrants

sprinter, female purple finch
Female Purple Finch

Purple finches returned two weeks ago. A red-winged blackbird, grackles, a merlin, and grackles are back. Tom turkey comes around every few days. He gobbled in the driveway yesterday. Gobble, look around, listen. Look around, gobble, start to fan out but stop. Gobble. Repeat. I don’t think he got any replies. I’m waiting impatiently for robins. There isn’t enough bare ground yet but it won’t be long.

Today, March 30, there’s a little bit of bare ground that’s bare on its own, not from plowing. I can see Creeping Charlie <insert swearing here>, lemon thyme, and two poppies. It really won’t be long before I can start digging up plants, planting seeds, transplanting, and hopefully getting ahead of that Creeping Charlie. There are two columbine in the high tunnel that are ready to be transplanted to the perennial garden. I’m ready to start taking you along with me through these garden and business changes…as soon as they start.

Loose for the first time this Sprinter
sprinter, khaki campbell
Khaki Campbell hen on a bare patch of ground.
sprinter, feather on snow
I think it’s a Khaki Campbell’s feather, down by the pond
birch bark on ground, paper birch bark, sprinter
Birch Bark. I brought this in to use in crafts.

Crazy Week

I have a crazy week coming. My birthday is Monday. I’ll be 55! Fifty-five. How cool is that. I have a fly tying, a workshop on healing gardens, a meeting I’m very excited about, and baking. I need to plan for On The Fire earlier in the week than usual, and then record Friday morning. For an introverted homebody, I’m on the road a lot.