Weekend Work

Great weekend! Not that it was fun though we got a lot done. We’re sacrificing a lot of time this year for weekend work. The list of things that need to be done is long but we’re knocking items off at a steady rate. My favorite part of the work was harvesting garlic. So excited about the garlic! We set up two of the three bear baits on Saturday. Steve’s is the hardest. It’s a rough, uneven, bramble-filled, long trail into the site. It’s worth the effort but oh the aches and pains that come from bringing in a 50 gallon barrel, three 40 pound buckets of food, and the smaller things we need to set up. He’s putting in a new stand this year so that will get carried in on Wednesday.

This is his stand from last year. The cub and its mother were there that one time. The barrel is the equivalent of the feed trough used for cattle and hogs. It holds the food we give them. They have mixed nuts right now.
bear hunting season, bait 1

mixed nuts, weekend work, bear baitWe set up my site. Easier to access and considerable less work because the shooting lane was almost completely clear. Sitting behind the ground blind or in a tree stand is undecided. we have three weeks for the bears to show me what I need to do.

We set up the bait site behind the house on Sunday. It’s near the beaver bog so if we get some rain there’s a cool place for the bears (that we don’t think exist) to rest during the heat of the day.

Garden Work

The garlic was harvested this weekend. It’s gorgeous and I’m pleased with how well it grew. I used cloves I harvested in 2015/16 to plant in 2016 for this harvest. I carefully chose the largest, best cloves and gave them perfect conditions, and it paid off.
weekend work

The high tunnel was watered and veggies picked. It’s terribly dry but we’re running out of time so Steve took a chance on seeding the food plot. The seed is down and all we can do between now and rain is hope the morning dew is enough to get the seeds going.


Weeds were pulled, rhubarb watered because it was dying and mulched with a thick bed of straw to conserve water, and fencing put out but not up for the poultry. The grass is brown and crisp so there wasn’t any mowing to do. Steve spent time working on Cranky. Something on the PTO cracked. That sounds bad, and it is, but it didn’t take out the transmission so we’re grateful. Antique tractors are hard to find parts for and it’s going to take a bit of time to find what’s needed. I don’t need the tiller anytime soon so it’s not a big pressing issue.

I have lots of time this week to work outside, tend baits if needed, and write write write. What did you do for weekend work or fun? And what’s in your plan for the week?