Young Bull Moose

A young bull moose visits the food plot on his way to somewhere more interesting. He’s been here night and day, always coming into and leaving the food plot in the same directions. On Tuesday he swung a left at the Y and walked past another camera. We’re game camera junkies. They’re all over the place.

Living with wildlife is never dull and usually a joy. I’d like to see this little guy so I’m thinking of putting up a tree stand and calling. A bull in rut is nothing to fool with so I’ll be sitting up high instead of on the ground. For most of the year the moose are no problem at all other than a few trampled plants in the garden. The rut has started so if he’s within hearing distance and thinks there’s a cow around he’ll be easy to see. I moved one of the cameras this morning in hopes of getting face shots.

The white strip to his right in the first three pictures is one of the high tunnels in the backyard. He isn’t shy about being around the house during the day. I hope he doesn’t come into the yard and get tangled in the electro fence the poultry is in. There haven’t been tracks in the garden so he probably isn’t getting too close to the birds.

What do you have for wildlife in your yard?

moose-4young bull moose, food plot